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10 Popular Content Writing Tips For Beginners

Research showed that after lockdown 2020, 40% of students wanted to choose ‘content writing’ as their passive source of income. People usually think content writing is about writing formal articles or long-form blogs including high-rated vocabulary and complex sentences, but the good news is it’s not mandatory to follow this policy at all. You can write what you want but the condition it must make sense and needs to be free from all grammatical errors. While just starting you don’t need to follow a particular pattern for it, you just need a few guidelines or tips for content writing but before starting with content writing tips for beginners, let’s understand What is Content Writing.

Content writing is about creating a written form of content for marketing purposes to educate, inform, aware, convinced, influence, or help their audience. The objective behind it could be anything, it can be lead generation or creating awareness, and so on.

As you see there are multiple objectives of content writing and same as there are different types of content writing like writing blogs, articles, copywriting, technical writing, script writing, and more. These all are written in different ways and in different tones also, they can be joyful, serious, humorous, formal, informal, optimistic, and pessimistic.
Taking a shape of all these tones takes a lot of time because you have to challenge your default tone of writing, but there are a few content writing tips for beginners that give you a structural approach to good content writing to acquire the maximum types of tones.
Here are the 10 best content writing tips to improve your writing tone.

1. Start with a Captivating Headline

content writing tips for beginners

The Headline is the most important reason for your reader to open your blog. In simple terms, it will be the first thing your reader interacts with and decides whether it can solve their problem or not. Frame the headline in such a way that it conveys the only solution your reader searching for. Use words like Secret, Top, Trending, Best, Proven, etc. to build trust with your audience.

2. Grab your Reader’s Attention

seo content writing tips

Do you know, an average attention time your user gives you is of 3-3.5 sec only. In the shortest duration, you have to put some magical words which automatically pull your audience towards your content as the smell of cheese pulls the rat towards it. The magical words are known as keywords are the queries your user search in the search engine.
Grab the attention of your reader in the following ways;

  • Asks questions
  • Start with the Hook
  • Talks about trending
  • Use emotions
  • Use logical taglines

3. Stick with your only goal

website content writing tips

Content is like a wave your reader wants to surf to the end and landed safely to the shore. Most of the content writers start with a good wave but unfortunately flow somewhere with it which ultimately breaks the flow of the reader. The only aim of the writer is to stick with the goal while writing the story and give the reader a safe landing. This is one of the most important content writing tips for beginners.

4. Use the right tone of voice

social media content writing tips

As while speaking different words mean differently by just changing the tone of voice same as the tone matters in content writing also. Different types of writing differ tones also, article usually needs to be in a formal tone, but blogs need to be slightly informal, and some tone could be funnier, serious or any other as it depends upon the topic also.

The tone must be conveyed in an exact manner because once the tone changed the entire meaning got changed.

5. Deep Research

blog content writing tips

Research is the hard work every writer has to perform to deliver the relevant results to their reader. The deeper your research will be, the more impressed your reader will be with it. Research about the facts, figures, tips, solutions, techniques your reader needs and convey them in a beautiful way.

6. Write in your way 

what is a content writing

This is the only quality that separates every writer from the other. Every writer has his own way of expressing his thoughts and the simplest one will build a connection with the reader. Always write in your own way, collect the information from all over the universe but write as you are speaking with your reader, it maintains the flow and makes you unique. And when you are just starting your content writing journey, this will become one of the most effective tips of content writing for beginners.

7. Edit your work 

few content writing tips
A young editor deciding on images to use in her publication

This tip will get you common in all other blogs of content writing tips for beginners. Read your copy as much as you can. The more you read it the more will be easy for you to judge the relevance. Edit doesn’t only mean to make it grammatically free but also to frame it structurally.

8Create a flow and let it continues 

best content writing tips

Writing a copy is an art, a good writer must have to create a flow with his words to hold the breath of the reader till the end. The flow is created systematically and naturally,

• Start with a fact or a story
• Continue it with a problem of the reader
• Builds trust by providing the best solution
• And connect with a good CTA

9. Share the knowledge your audience wants 

good content writing

Share the relevant knowledge with proper explanation and examples. The more examples you will use the more it will be easy for the reader to understand. Frame your complete knowledge in a better content writing format.

10Build trust with an attractive CTA 

content writing format

After going with the entire copy, make sure it should end well. The ending should be made with a good call-to-action to build trust with your reader.

Some micro tips related to content writing for beginners

SEO content writing tips

• Use Long-tail keywords
• Avoid keyword stuffing
• Write for your audience
• Keep the headline short and crisp
• Edit more than you can.

Website content writing tips

• Write in paragraphs
• Use simple language
• Use more headings
• Focus on benefits than feature
• Write as you speak

Social media content writing tips

• Keep it short and simple
• use words like; secret, tips, hacks, trending, etc.
• Add call-to-action at the end
• Maintain the flow
• Use more images and videos


I am sure all these content writing tips for beginners will be helpful in your content writing journey. These tips will definitely give you a great start but to flourish more in the content writing journey you have to follow the 3P principle;
• Practice – Practice more and more to polish yourself in writing, and you will shine like a diamond.
• Patience – Content is a game of patience. Keep patience with your ups and downs.
• Persistence– Always ready for negative feedback and keep continuing your journey of learning.
You just have to conquer the 3P principle for the content writing tips for beginners, and you will get unbelievable results for sure.

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