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10 Evergreen Topics For Content Writing

Since with a profound experience of many years in the field of content writing, it is still difficult for anyone to think about an idea or the topic every time for writing content. There are times when we are loaded with a bunch of topics for content writing for the entire week and sometimes each day is spent so toughly by hitting the wall. Expert says that topic is something that should match the query of the reader because it is the only reason which attracts him/her to start reading it.

The question arises, how to find the query of your reader?

It can be founded by observing the lives of people around you and recognizing the common problem any particular group is facing.

But here is the list of the best topics for content writing which covers almost every query of your reader.

1. How-To Tutorials

topics for content writing

Whenever people start something new they need someone who can help them with a step-by-step guide to show how to do this thing in a good way. The steps can be of anything which helps them to make a start. If someone is searching how to write a good copy?

  • Start with an interesting tagline.
  • Communicate with your audience.
  • Write as you are speaking.
  • End it with a CTA.

2- Trending Topics

health related topics for content writing

Choose something which is trending right now, you can use the tool google trends to check what is trending right now and was trending in the past. Talking about the trending topic will increase the chances for the user to share it on his social media, and ultimately you can promote your business at the same time.

Examples of trending topics of 2021 are:

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


Coronavirus and so on.

3- Common problems

trending topics for content writing

Write about the common problems which each and every consumer is facing and aware your audience with the respective solution for it. Let’s take a common example,

Usually, people have an issue in dealing with time management, you can explain the cause of the issue, and end up with the following techniques to solve it. As Pomodoro technique can be a great solution to manage your time properly.

4– Spirituality

how to choose topic for content writing

Understanding yourself should be the ultimate goal of life for everyone. Spirituality is a recognition of a feeling that there is something bigger than the word I (the ego) and get achieve freedom over the so-called beliefs. Nowadays, people want to be more aware of their own life and experience most of the human capabilities.You can write over the topic of spirituality to understand the reader more about it.

  • Here are some topics you can use while writing for spirituality:
  • The ultimate meaning of Spirituality in Psychology
  • Relationship between you and Spirituality
  • Importance of Spirituality in your life.

5- Life Hacks

best topics for content writing

Life hack is a creative way of doing something effectively and efficiently. Share the hacks which can make the life of people easier or simple to live. Life hacks for the students are like:

  • Set remainder for everything
  • Maintain a to-do list
  • Schedule your task
  • Manage your money

6- Fitness and Yoga

importance of content writing

Health is the evergreen topic to write about, living in a digital life made everything easy but the human body lazy. Writing about the fitness routine, types of yoga practices, benefits of wellness, and anything related to health could be helpful for your reader.

  • The top health related topics for content writing are:
  • Fitness and exercise
  • tips for food and diet
  • body and mind healing and so on.

7- Travel

blog topics for content writing

Everyone has a dream list of traveling to the most astonishing parts of the world. If you are a wanderlust and love to travel then you can start your travel blog. Sharing your travel experiences about the place can help the reader to decide his trip.

You can write about:

  • Adventures
  • Places to visit
  • Honeymoon locations
  • seasonal locations
  • Solo travels
  • Bookings

8- Book and movie review

technical topics for content writing

Everyone loves to watch movies and read books but what they hate is searching for the right one. You can be a medium for those people and help them select the perfect book or movie for their choice.

You can use list it out as,

  • Best thriller movies of 2022
  • Top high-rated movies for 2022
  • Best inspirational movies
  • Top 10 entrepreneurship books to read in your 20s

9– Mental Health

interesting topics for content writing

We all are motivating ourselves daily to keep our physical health active but mental health is striking every individual irrespective of any age group. Spreading awareness about mental health and the techniques to make it stable could be the best topic for content writing.

10- Behind the Scenes

article topics for content writing

It’s a celebrity life or a making of the movie, people are more interested in knowing the behind the scenes. You can make the benefit of it by writing something about the original reactions of the celebrities and interesting backstage stories of the films.

Here are some FAQs for beginner content writers:

How to choose a topic for content writing?

Choose the problem of the reader and solve it in the best possible way.
Search for blog topics for content writing
Try some technical topics for content writing like SEO tools, keyword research tips, etc.

What is the importance of content writing?

Help in solving difficulties of the reader
To educate your audience about your product or a service
Helps in building relationships with your audience
Generate leads and improve conversions.

How to improve yourself in content writing?

Set a routine of writing daily
Read more on a daily basis
Always check grammatical error
Never miss taking any feedback for your work

Why should you choose content writing as a career?

There is no need for any specific degree
You can choose any niche in content writing
Start earning as a freelancer very fast
Getting knowledge of a variety of topics
You can write on any interesting topic of content writing

How to pick the best article topics for content writing?

Top 10 ways to earn money faster
Top 10 skills to acquire in your 20s
Best habits for success
How to manage your time.

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