career in content writing

The Truth About the Career in Content Writing Industry

career in content writing

Do you know, every 1 out of 6 companies is investing at least $10 million every year in content writing and content marketing for their business.

For most enterprises, “Content is just everything.” Content writing as a career is booming nowadays. Every student wants to pursue his career in content writing. Traditionally you can’t get any specific difference in products or services of major companies because they can’t market their USP but today every company is performing very well in their own market. They are just known for their marketing strategy. You can easily relate to the marketing strategy of Zomato, the food delivery service company. There are more like Zomato but we know it because it’s a creative marketing team of content writers and marketers.

Making a career in content creation is the best thing to be done if you are always curious about new things and ready to think out of the box. Content writers are working in almost every industry. The best thing about this career is it doesn’t depend upon any degree or any qualification but only depends upon the creativity of a content writer.

Before choosing any career opportunity we study its scope and diversity in our country. A career in the content writing industry has a wider scope in India. Let’s study it more briefly:

Scope of Content Writing in India

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From email writing to writing movie scripts, the scope of content writing is very vast in India. The profession offers a very good package in various fields, Some of the most popular professions are:

SEO writing

The word SEO stands for search engine optimization, the practice to be performed to rank a website in the search engine. SEO mainly depends upon 3 practices, On-page SEO, Technical SEO, and Off-page SEO.

The SEO writer must have the appropriate knowledge of keyword research, SEO- friendly content creation, and a lot of factors to rank in the first rank of the Google search engine. The most important pillar of SEO success is writing valuable content for the user.

SEO writing is the highest payable and demandable skill in the field of content writing. The SEO writer must have a fundamental knowledge of SEO to start his journey. This is the best opportunity for students and aspiring writers. SEO writer needs to be patient while performing the process, as it takes time for any website to rank.

News writing

News writing is also the high-demand skill of 2022. Usually, companies approach students holding degrees in the field of journalism. You have a good knowledge of how to create a catchy headline for your news headline that made people attracted to it.

Acquire skills like creative writing to perform well in news writing. You have to write long articles and for that, you need to develop a great vision and ability to give rational endings to the articles.

News writing is also giving you a subsequent amount of pay for a long duration. This is an evergreen skill for the students and writers who have a good knowledge of vocabulary and sentence formation.


Do you love to give punchlines!

Then this skill is for you. Copywriting is a skill in which you have to deliver more value in fewer words. Any person who is enthusiastic about short and crisp copies can develop this amazing skill.

Copywriters are generally worked for writing banners, posters, social media creatives, headlines, and everything related to short and crisp content.

Copywriting is the best career opportunity after BCom, BBA, and any graduation degree. To polish your copywriting skill you need to do internships and courses. Multinational companies offer the good pay for experienced copywriters.

Email writing

This is the most formal way of writing in the field of content writing. From small companies to MNCs, email writing is always constant. You need to have a better knowledge of grammar to pursue email writing and there are content writing tools and extensions to be used to auto-correct grammatical errors.

You don’t need to go for any specific course to learn email writing, you can learn it from YouTube for free but needs to be practiced well as mistakes are not always accepted in this field.

Corporate hires email writers to handle their email-related conversations for that they pay a good amount of money.


Of all the above careers in content writing, script-writing is the most creative field. Scriptwriters will work independently, they don’t need to work under any specific organization.

To make a career in the field of script-writing, you have to be very creative in writing scripts and stories. Out-of-the-box stories will impact not the duplicated ones. Script-writers can approach the production team for writing projects or can write their own projects before approaching them. Perception of a great story and how the audience will react to it is the most challenging thing for any scriptwriter.

Work on your presentation and visualization skills to be a good scriptwriter.


Blogging is the most popular and the most interesting career in content writing. Every content writer must be gone through a phase of blogging once during their content writing journey.

To make a career in blogging you have to learn skills like grammar, SEO writing, research and analysis, and patience because it takes time to rank your blog in search engines.

There are multiple websites that can offer a good amount of money to bloggers for writing articles. Even you can earn from your blog by adding AdSense to it. Start your journey as a blogger if you just want to start your career in content writing.

Is content writing a good career opportunity?

is content writing a good career


It’s the best career opportunity. The most interesting thing about this career is it is a skill-based career, not a degree-based career. Content writing is growing at a high pace now, there are many people who are taking an advantage of content writing by choosing as it a passive source of income.

The demand for this career is very high but the relevant supply is very low. This makes a great opportunity for any student to start his career in it. The skills that are needed to be a content writer are powerful vocabulary, good grammatical knowledge, a learning attitude, and patience.

The are many content writing books that can help you in learning from the basics. In your every second project you will learn something new by struggle something new that always makes you feel adventurous about it.

Future of content writing

The future of content writing is clear as the bright sky. For every company content writer is a boon. Content writers are creating a powerful marketing perspective for brands to help them stand out from the crowd. Every content writer has something unique in him/her which makes them different from each other.

‘This is a skill for whole life not a degree for any corporate life.’

In every step, you will learn something new and if you lost your present job you don’t need to start from the start line. The high rated skill will be demanded as long as the Internet is present because more audience attracts more writers to write about new topics. Learning this skill is easy. This word content writing is the best answer to the question of ‘how to start a career in digital marketing in India?’


From the above long article, I think it will be easier for you to decide about your career in terms of content writing. The best thing about this career is, that the more you will experience content writing it will be easier for you to understand whether it is made for you or not. If you are in your 20s, the career is highly recommendable for your personal growth. The good news the future of content creation is very bright.

Thank you for reading, All the best!

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