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13 Content Writing Books Changed My Life. Here’s My Story

Congratulations on being an intelligent person!

Yes, you are an intelligent person if you are choosing the content writing book over any course for learning content writing. It’s not a bad thing to learn from courses, but today every second person is doing content writing and launching a course of thousand rupees which shall be a good choice but not a better one because a book costs less than 500 Rs to make you learn everything about content writing. There are many famous content writers in India who had written fabulous content writing books where they explained everything about writing in the simplest way in both English and Hindi languages. We found the top 3 books to make you learn creative writing in Hindi from the basics.

These are the following basics books by famous content writers in India and abroad to give you a detailed overview of learning content writing.


content writing books

By the name itself, any reader can pick it. Not only in the content writing field but in any field, we need to understand the expert’s mindset to polish ourselves in our career journey. As a writer, we usually face self-doubt, lack of perfection, over excitement, lack of confidence, comparisons, validations, and even more. These things sometimes make us feel alone but the interesting thing is it’s a part of the creative process.

This is highly recommendable from the list of best content writing books. This book is a collection of all issues any author can face in his content writing journey. In simple words, it will help you understand the mindset of any writer, and every chapter covers the problems the writer faces with its solutions.

            Unlike most famous content writers in India, the author Joanna Penn is also popular in India. She included expert advice from his personal journals as well as content writing quotes from well-known writers.


content writing books for beginner

Tell me honestly, you are ready to write your first book because you accumulated all the knowledge related to your niche and even mastered the solutions to the biggest problems in your niche. And now you want to be recognized as an expert and popular writer.

But still not getting started, why?

The reality is writing a book is scary, because when you are writing your first book and there are chances of you becoming demotivated, failing to structure, and even after writing it, if possible no one would read it. If you are facing these fears then this book is for you. This content writing book will help you overcome your biggest writing fears and made you a published writer. With a step-by-step process and expert guidance, you will learn how to write a book in the simplest and most effective manner.

How to Start a blog in 2022 by Ryan Robinson

creative writing in hindi

The title is asking the most common question of every expert writer who asked this question at the time of starting their journey of content writing. Many people give many answers to this question in many ways, because everyone has experienced a different question paper of blog writing and the most favorable answer to this question is what you will find in this epic content writing book. Ryan Robinson is the most beloved writer especially by beginners because their writing tone is very simple which made them write various blogging books.  

The book ‘ How to start a blog in 2022” shows a step-by-step tutorial on blog writing, and mentioned expert proven techniques for writing an awesome blog. Anyone who doesn’t have any basic knowledge of blog writing can choose this book because from the scratch itself it covers everything related to learning content writing, searching for the right target audience, and publishing it definitively. The is one of the most popular content writing books for beginners already achieved 1 million readers, who started from scratch but making millions now.  

Everybody Writes – Ann Handley

The only reason behind choosing this book is to make yourself better in your content writing journey. This content writing book is for the intermediate and advanced writers, who already crossed the bridge of beginner content writers.  In ‘Everybody Writes’ the author focused on brand recognition on the base of content marketing. This is purely about content marketing and the tips are tricks mentioned in this book are highly specialized. Ann Handley has already been recognized as the most influential woman in social media by Forbes and also listed in the top 20 list of bloggers of women.

According to the author, everyone is a writer in this content-driven world. This content writing book speaks a lot about how you can influence customers with the mode of online stellar communication.

The Content Code

content writing books

The Content Code is revealing the untold codes of content writing which were not revealed by any prior content writing books. This is the best book for content writing that contains six proven strategies that will enrich your content and help in reach heights. This is extremely helpful for people who are not content writers but want to switch their careers to content writing.

The author Mark Schaefer is already a famous content writer and has written many books on content writing and social media. He shared numerous ideas to achieve huge success in content marketing.  

Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited

content writing ebook

The first version ofDon’t Make Me Think was published in 2000. At that time there were numerous web engineers and design heads which are depended on the techniques of Steve Krug’s manual to help them understand the secrets of intuitive navigation and content design. 

The writer is known to be very clever, smart, and the most famous pragmatic in the market of famous content writers. This content writing book has created a standout amongst other selected and most suggested Best Content Writing Books in the hub of content writing. 

The author Steve has now come revisited with a fresh and different perspective regarding the updated principles that made Don’t Make Me Think an exclusive book with solid models and practical learnings.

The previous version of Don’t Make Me Think was very fundamental to Web architects, designers, and engineers.

This is not like other typical content writing books but this one is providing a holistic understanding of the digital space in which you are producing and marketing the content. You can also have content writing books pdf by a Kindle version.

Entity SEO: Moving Search From Strings To Things

seo books

SEO is getting very popular today, everyone wants to become an SEO professional, and the most popular way today is to take a highly advanced course, which costs highly advanced money but what, when the secrets of SEO are easily available in just one book. I am talking about ‘Entity SEO’ which is the most chosen book from the list of content writing books.

The Entity SEO is in the list of top 10 SEO books of India that will help you in explaining knowledge graphs, search engine ranking strategies, optimization techniques, Wikipedia listings, building internal link graphs, and how to become the master of your SEO niche.

This book is suggested by my colleague, and it help me understand the ranking of keywords and the ultimate strategy of Search Engine Optimization.

Content Writing Step-By-Step 

books on content writing

Learn content writing, tips on content writing, and everything related to it from the basis itself. The title alone is enough to describe the reason for selecting this book from other content writing books. This book is a guide for the people who struggle in getting traffic, engagement, sales, and feel pain while sharing the monthly reports of analytics and losing readers daily.

The one and the only reason is Content, everything is a content game and the only rule is don’t give up. Content is the most important component of anybody’s website and the easy way to rank is to make the type of content that solves the queries of people searching in the search engine. The more your content is solution-oriented the more your readers will automatically attracted to it. Choose the book for a better start.

JaB, JaB, JaB – Right Hook

content writing books

The incredible title gives the ultimate shoutout to the New York Times bestselling author and digital marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk who is also the founder of Vayermedia and absolutely the author of this incredible book.

Gary shared exclusive advice on how to build a genuine connection with your customers to beat the competition. The mix-up of the best elements is what Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is about. It is a full-fledge blueprint of social media marketing strategies that work.

When marketing managers are outlining their social media strategies, they make strategies for the “right hook”—their next project or ad campaign or any sale that’s going to knock out the competition. Even companies are choosing to engage patiently with customers to build strong relationships which are crucial to successful social media campaigns with an expectation of throwing a punch that will take down their competitor or their customer’s resistance in just one blow. And Right hooks will convert your site traffic to sales and easily show favorable results.

Thanks to massive updates and high usage of social media platforms, if you want to win you need to apply different Jabs and Hooks. Vaynerchuk shows the center of marketing that even today communication is still key to success and contextual content matters more than ever.

It’s not only about creating high-quality content but also making it published on the right social media handles like Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Meta, and others.

The Story Engine

books on content writing, famous content writers in India

Every business has its story to convey, regardless of its profit figures or brand value. Your story is the most impressive source because the story is created in tough circumstances which can reflect your passion in front of your clients.

We can also call it Content Marketing. You are doing marketing about who you are, and how you made it which consumes most time and energy.

This is how this outstanding content writing book will help you in writing your own story. This book gives you a rational, concise, and remarkable system of receiving inbound marketing rewards. 

With the Best Content Writing Book, you will about to learn everything related to content marketing and how you can achieve goals in this field. It will give you a detailed understanding of how to keep away from regular entanglements of business and adopt a content methodology for various organizations like B2B and B2C. The step-by-step guide on how to utilize content as an influencer marketer and build an ultimate relationship tool. 

Not only about content marketing, but this content writing book also included details regarding how to use and optimize SEO, email advertising, and inorganic traffic to help your content in converting readers into your clients.

There are numerous books on content writing but this book incorporates simple strategies to utilize content marketing formats that assist you with making a bold move and achieving desired results quickly.

Best Books to Learn Creative Writing in Hindi

Content writing in Hindi is underrated, mostly whenever people talk about content writing they only mean it in English, not in Hindi. But Hindi content writing is opening doors of opportunities for various writers. It’s a myth that creative writing in Hindi is not possible, creativity is not bounded to any language. Hindi is the national language of India where still most of the work is operated in Hindi language, so it’s a wrong thing to say that we don’t need to learn content writing in Hindi. There are a variety of content writing books and blogging books in Hindi to help the learners in their content writing journey.

The following 3 Best Hindi Content Writing Books are:

Master the Hindi Alphabet- a Handwriting Practice Workbook

creative writing in Hindi

Starting from the basics, this content writing book will make you learn the Hindi alphabet, and handwriting techniques and provide you with a Hindi writing tutorial script. For anybody who wants to start their career in Hindi content writing, this book will be the best choice for them.

The book is not only limited to the writers, the students can also choose this trustworthy book as a study material.

This book will give you a detailed stroke of instructions on 69 alphabets which include vowels, consonants, nouns, pronouns, dotted letters, and a detailed description of parts of speech. Building your Hindi writing skills is easy when you will learn in a detailed orderly instructions. Increase your muscle memory power with powerful stroke techniques, and font variations for different character styles.

This is a great book to start your content writing journey in the Hindi language.

Modern Letter Writing Course Hindi

creative writing in hindi

This is the most recommended content writing book by Hindi writers. The book gives you the entire Hindi writing tutorial in the form of a course that helps you learn Hindi writing in a modern way. The course comprises the basis of the Hindi alphabet, Hindi grammar, and essay writing, with detailed English examples for better understanding. The modern writing course is a 30-day duration course, which means in just 30 days you can learn everything you need to start your Hindi content writing journey.

Not only theoretical learning, but you will also learn from the Hindi writing experts because you will be getting a CD drive as a bonus with this content writing book.

Teach Yourself Beginner’s Hindi Package

creative writing in hindi

choice for the people facing difficulty in learning any new language. The student-friendly guide comes up with a practical course that includes lively dialogues and exercises, a helpful pronunciation list for a practical vocabulary, and grammar hints to make your Hindi writing learning easy.

Don’t forget to use the bonus CD for an excellent learning experience.


Books on content writing are numerous, but the list of best content writing books is revealed. You can’t become an expert by just reading a book, you need to do hard work in reading, writing, editing, and repeating. These books are only recommended to you as a great kick start and book reading is the best source of learning content writing because it will help you in learning also and practicing also. If you are a Kindle person, you can go for a content writing ebook and for book pdfs. There are multiple opportunities in this field, now every business is creating content and creators are searching for individuals who can perform ebook writing jobs online in India.

Hope you liked it, All the best!

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