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The Ultimate 20 Content Writing Tools for SEO Checklist

Do you know what is the divine blessing for content writers?

The Content writing tools. Not everyone knows about it because every content writer won’t reveal his/ her actual strategy for writing a great piece of content. One of the major differences between a beginner content writer and an expert writer is smartness. The logic behind the quick and polished writing of an expert in the tools he uses to make his work easier and more relevant. People usually said that using content writing tools for SEO purpose will make you rely on them thoroughly and it will hold your growth, but it’s not true. If a tool can make the writer’s copy more useful, engaging, and grammatically correct then the resource must be used.

There are the AI contents to check grammatical errors, check plagiarism, (if the content is copy-pasted or not) keyword research, content ideas, and more. Let’s understand more about the tools in a categorized manner.

Following list of content SEO blog writing tools or content writing tools in their respective categories like planning, drafting, editing, and productivity.

SEO content writing tools for planning

content writing tools for seo

Google Keyword Planner

If you are searching for a tool to help you in planning keyword research for your client’s website then this is the best tool to use. The tool comes up with both free and paid versions. The tool comes up with two features:

  • Discover new or related keywords- This feature will help you in discovering new keywords, search volume, and metrics for your topic.
  • Get search volume and forecast- Here you can check the popular keywords or related trends over the internet.

Answer The Public

Believe me, this is a magical tool. You just have to write your topic and in less than a minute you will discover hundreds of content ideas related to your blog or article. The tools will give you the list of frequently asked questions from the google search engine. The free version of the tool comes with 3 free searches in a day and paid will give you unlimited searches. This is the best tool to use when you are doing social media marketing for your content writing clients.

Google Search Console

One more free tool by Google to measure your website performance in terms of website traffic, keywords rankings, audience demographics, and more. This is the most popular tool used by SEO experts to monitor their search engine ranking. This tool will help you in the search engine optimization of your website.


This tool will allow the team to manage multiple projects and organize various tasks related to content ideas. This will give you a calendar view to manage your daily schedules, quickly review deadlines, and more.

Headline Generator

Just with a single click you can have 700 headlines for your article or blog post. This is a free tool for simple, classy, emotional, and efficient headlines for ad campaigns and email subject lines.

SEO content writing tools for drafting

best free seo tools

Google Docs

One of the most frequently used free online content writing tools for drafting purposes. Draft your content with multiple template options, auto-correct your grammatical errors and share documents with your team or for collaborative purposes. This SEO blog writing tool will help you compose your content easily.

Title Case

One more free online tool to get you numerous titles for your article post. Experience a wide variety of styles, including AP style, sentence case, all lowercase or uppercase, and more. Selecting the topic for content writing is easy but selecting title is hard but Title Case will solve your problem of figuring out the title for your website.


This is one of the best digital marketing tools by experts to design anything like logos, infographics, cards, presentations, social media posts, flyers, and more. A good visual representation of your content will help the readers to understand your content more clearly. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert designer to use this tool. Both free and paid version is available.


The ultimate subscription-based writing tool is specifically designed for content marketing writers who struggle daily with perfectionism. Any writer can use it by just setting a word count goal, beginning writing, and can only go back to review and revise what they have written after hitting the target word count. Encourage faster drafting and achieve perfectionism during team workflow.


From writing to-do lists to research notes to writing entire chunks of articles, it’s a proven helpful content SEO tool at every step of the writing and editing process. This free tool will sync and auto-save your data while getting offline. Use this to draft articles, ebooks, and even social media calendars.

SEO content writing tools for editing

digital marketing tools


This is one of the best AI content writing tools to be used for all your writing purposes. Us this tool to do automated grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks, help team members in receive suggestions to improve conciseness and word choice, and assess overall tone. Both free and paid version of this tool is available. Generally when you just learned content writing, this can be a great tool to be use for corrections.

Plagiarism checker

Google is smart, it never ranks copyrighted content. Check any content with a plagiarism checker and rewrite it again to make it fresh. This is also one of the most recommendable tools in the list of free SEO content writing tools.


The powerful tool will guess for you the most ranking content. You just have to input your topic or what you want to write about, and DemandJump provides you a list of content to create based on priority.


According to the readable, the average attention span of any reader is 7 seconds. The ultimate tool will judge your content and give it a score. The score will help you analyze whether your content is engaging or not? And also monitors your keyword density.


Writing around the same topic more and more is sometimes boring which makes it difficult for us to break our default writing pattern. This practice will never make you rank as google takes it as keyword stuffing. Break your writing pattern with OneLook and make your content more engaging. It will provide you with the reverse dictionary to find the perfect words for the description.

SEO content writing tools for productivity

free online content writing tools


All we need is to focus to complete any task on time and while writing articles and blogs we most got distracted by other websites and social media handles. This tool will help you in grabbing all your attention over one task by limiting the time.


Meet the next level of To-Do-List. This tool will allow to you do numerous tasks simply. Meet the deadlines and achieve progress in your tasks.  

Tomato Timer

Break your old pattern of writing and write effectively and efficiently. This tool will break your pattern of spending hours on one article completion into minutes. With Tomato Timer. You can schedule your time and breaks to avoid health issues like burnout and carpal tunnel syndrome which overall helps you in gaining productivity.

A Soft Murmur

Most writers are habitual to working with music. A Soft Murmur will provide you with a playlist of soft music for writers to avoid immense drafting and correction. Create the environment you love with A Soft Murmur.


Research more results in more number of tabs which is quite irritating for any writer in finding tabs. Declutter your tab with OneTab. the ultimate free online tool will compile all your tabs into a list of tabs that can be easily shareable. This tool also reduces the drain on the PC’s memory.


All these are the best content writing tools for beginners to start their content writing journey. Most of your general problems will be solved with these awesome tools. There are other tools like these but we selected the most popular. Share more important tools in the comment section, if we forget to mention.

Hope you like it, best of luck.

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